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CNCGRAF V4 USB capabilities:

  • A modern graphical user interface from the "pull down", symbols, help and support by the mouse.
  • connection via USB 1.1 / 2.0.
  • Data Import: HPGL, DXF, ISEL NCP, EPS, AI Adobe Illustrator, DIN 66025, files for drilling Excellon, Sieb & Maier 1000, Sieb & Maier 3000.
  • Explorer with the preview window.
  • Attach files and the possibility of processing a single worker process.
  • Unit and scaling.
  • Undo, and Repeat
  • the graphics up to 10 steps.
  • Raster and coordinates in millimeters or inches.
  • 2D/3D graphics shown in the figure, the range machines, material cutting heads ...
  • Enlarge the window, Show material, Show the area of ​​CNC machine tools, Pan, ...
  • integrated text editor.
    • with The syntax enhancement to DIN 66025 and HPGL.
    • the "Code Snippets" to DIN 66025 and HPGL.
    • with search & replace and go to ...
    • select DIN 66025 code lines, and see where it is in 3D, (This works in both directions).
    • with the function to print.
    • write the G-Code (DIN 66025) and check the result immediately in 3D graphics.
  • use of an external text editor.
  • Backlash elimination for axes X, Y, Z and A.
  • true 4D file processing in DIN 66025.
  • of Correction, export and import measured data.
  • recording of correction data in DXF format or DIN 66025.
  • PhotoVec as a module integrated into the cncGraF V4.
  • Tracer creates windows or from the writings of black and white graphics images.
  • limiting current motors for each axis.
  • Calculation time CNC milling machine.
  • time to head acceleration in milli-seconds.
  • Stop function to stop and continued milling / drilling (last vectors repeat).
  • Graphic View item machines and feeding rate during work and simulation.
  • Correction tool diameter with a graphical view.
  • definition of order processing tools, disable individual tools.
  • automatic tool changer.
  • tangential axis as 4 axis.
  • route optimization with smooth function.
  • Changing the number and direction of the milling tool.
  • Toolbox consists of two lists of 100 tools for vectors and drill points.
  • manual feed, drive back and forth relatively or absolutely.
  • Definition of X or Y axis as the axis of rotation or as a 4th axis.
  • Automatic driving position sensor to measure and measure the length of the tool.
  • Code for dialogue machine parameters.
  • school version (disable the code for the teacher).
  • waiting time after the recess tool.
  • Correction
  • insertion axis and repeat the process.
  • Figure
  • place, copy, rotate, mirror and stretch, mouse (dialog box) or the keyboard.
  • monitoring the feed axis.
  • control curtains during milling.
  • external signals for the reference, pause, and milling.
  • Reference pin connectors for automatic invert.
  • Automatic adjustment of the speed to run the arc.
  • recording and loading settings, CNC milling machine.
  • Management
  • zero points, headings and headings parkowymi measure.
  • definition of keys (keypad) ...
  • Joystick (requires Microsoft Managed DirectX 9).
  • Dual drive for all axes X2, Y2 and Z2 (from SMC4D USB Controller Firmware Version 15).
  • control of spindle rotation (15 degrees).
  • correction Intergrowana rotating blade for cutting foil.